The Lotus Evora is Easy and Fun to Drive On the Road Weekly Publication

This Lotus Evora might be small and trim, but that's about the only thing it and I have in common.


I was intimidated by the massive Ford F-350 that Jim and I reviewed recently, but I was terrified by this Lotus.

The left outside mirror is large enough to hide an F-350 at intersections. I know, because it happened to me.

The view to the rear is very limited and the blind spot to the right while backing out of a parking spot is also massive. But I doubt few people who buy this car will be driving it to the mall.


The Evora is easy and fun to drive. Shifting is a snap, although the clutch requires a slightly higher-than-average effort. The steering is sharp and, in turns, the car is as nimble as a mouse wearing sneakers.


But this car is not for me. Its cost, limited views and nearly nonexistent luggage room will keep me from joining the ranks of enthusiastic Lotus Evora customers anytime soon.

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