Toyota Highlander On the Road Weekly Publication

You can tell Toyota Highlander designers worked hard on the details. The instruments are clear and easy to read. The controls are simple. On my first drive I was actually able to tune the radio and control the temperature and fan speed. What a concept - operation without distraction. Maybe this will catch on with other auto makers who seem more interested in showing how complicated they can make simple functions.

The high driver’s seat and backup camera gave me good views in front and back. But I wish the Highlander had a blind- spot warning system. I’ve grown to like getting a warning when another driver lingers in my blind spot.

The ride is smooth and well controlled and the driving experience would keep me happy for years. So would the climate control system, assuming that the heater works as well as the air conditioning. On a 93-degree day with high humidity the Highlander kept me very comfortable.


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