Toyota Avalon On the Road Weekly Publication

I enjoyed driving the Toyota Avalon, despite its size, and when Jim asked me to guess the price, I was a bit high. I guessed $50,000; the review car lists for just over $35,000. I have to give the Avalon top grades for value. It really does feel like a more costly luxury car.
Considering the car’s size and performance, our 23 mile-per-gallon fuel economy seemed quite reasonable. And, it takes regular gasoline, which doesn’t work with most other luxury cars.
The controls are very nice. You can even adjust the audio system using knobs. Not having to search for buttons while driving is now a novel idea among some auto makers. It shouldn’t be.
I also appreciated the easy steering, the range of adjustment in the power driver’s seat, the standard backup camera and the ease with which this car accelerated. There's a lot to like here.

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