Infiniti EX35 On the Road Weekly Publication

The Infiniti EX35 is fun to drive but it has some issues. The back seat is cramped, even for a shorter passenger. As for shorter drivers, the outside mirror creates a large blind spot. 

When it’s time to load groceries in the cargo area, it’s a stretch to reach the open tailgate. Once I got a grip on the handle, however, closing it is easy. The cargo area might be small, but groceries for two weeks for the typical family should fit. People who buy mayonnaise in 10-gallon containers at the warehouse club, however, might want a larger vehicle.

The interior features comfortable front seats and I loved the range of adjustment in the power seat and power tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. But the driver’s seat has some large side bolsters that can interfere with a shorter driver’s elbows. 

The surround view strikes me as being an excellent idea. Not only does it show you what is right behind the car and invisible from the driver’s seat, it also gives you this information for the front and sides of the vehicle. It makes maneuvering safer and parking easier. Speaking of maneuverability, the Infiniti EX35 has a trim turning circle, which is a plus.

We ended up getting 21 miles from each gallon of premium gasoline. Infiniti this year has begun offering a smaller and more economical 2.5-liter V-6 in the G-series sedans. I’d like to see how much more economical an EX25 could be.

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