Ford F-350 On the Road Weekly Publication


I found the Ford F-350 to be big and intimidating, though once behind the wheel, it drove easily enough. Still this is a lot of truck. Just getting in and out is a daunting task. Even with the running  boards, getting in was a steep climb up. I’m thinking an escalator might be in order.

Jim tells me that as big heavy-duty pickups go, this one is an excellent performer. It starts instantly; just wait a couple of seconds for the glow-plug warning light to go out before twisting the key.

I found the ride was often busy, but we did most of our driving with the cargo box empty. Steering had some kick when encountering bumpy turns.

Fuel economy turned out to be exactly what the trip computer said it would be: 15.3 miles to the gallon. Around town, the trip computer reading dipped into the 11-to-12 mile-per-gallon range. On the highway, it rose to just over 20 miles per gallon. That might be disappointing in your compact sedan, but for a truck this large and with this performance capability, it has to be considered good.

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