2012 Infiniti FX50S

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I get it. The 2012 Infiniti FX50S is powerful. But thanks to a sensitive gas pedal, it’s also a little difficult to drive smoothly without practice. Fortunately, smooth starts are possible, but they take a gentle and trained touch on the accelerator.

Jim raved about the driving experience, but I thought the ride was a little hard, although the FX50 was pleasant to drive.

Making the FX more attractive for me was a variety of safety and convenience features. A push of a button just under the central screen turns on four cameras when driving at low speeds. These help guide you into a parking space and make it easy to be perfectly centered and straight. It’s a valuable addition since visibility is limited in tight parking areas.

Also on our review car was the optional distance control system. Stop-and-go traffic has met its match with this option.

The FX applies the brakes if you let off the gas for slowing traffic. Fail to let off the gas and the accelerator pedal pushes back at your foot.

The active cruise control also works well, maintaining a set distance from traffic ahead at highway speeds. This vehicle also had both collision warning and intelligent brake assist, which I didn’t try. Had I been distracted, however, it would have warned me that I was closing in on the traffic ahead and applied the brakes if I didn’t respond. The lane departure warning system alerts you if you’re drifting, and gives you a gentle nudge to put you back in your lane.

My main disappointment was fuel economy, as in 16.5 miles per gallon on premium gasoline. That suggests to me that the FX35 would be a better choice. It’s not quite as powerful, but it looks the same, and is fast enough, all while coming with a smaller price tag.

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