BMW 650i On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson

The BMW 650i convertible is big and solid, yet fun to drive. It has ample power, surging ahead with just a soft touch to the accelerator.

Among the things I liked were the comfortable seating and driving position, relatively calm top-down driving, even at highway speeds, and the head-up display. It projects the vehicle speed, cruise control settings and lane departure warning status at the base of the windshield. It makes it easy to keep track of speed without looking away from the road ahead.

Not so charming were the shift lever, the blind spot warnings that were almost hidden on the outside mirrors and the small interior for such a large car. The ride can also be a little rough at times.

Back seat room is really tight. The trunk lid is small, so items that could fit in the trunk won’t, because you can’t get them past the opening.

One pleasant surprise, though buyers with the budget for a car like this might not care, was fuel economy. We managed 19.7 miles per gallon, on premium, of course. But, considering this car's size and weight, that’s not bad.

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