Buick LaCrosse

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We picked up this 2012 Buick LaCrosse in downtown Boston, and then drove it back to Hartford late in the evening. As a passenger during this trip, I can tell you that few cars match, much less exceed, this Buick’s comfort. The ride was solid, steady and quiet. The interior was very nicely done. At night, a narrow ribbon of subtle blue lighting extends across the instrument panel and into the doors, serving as an upscale touch.

Driving this car is just as pleasant as riding in it, but improved visibility could make the ride even better. I found the windshield pillars wide and I can’t really imagine backing this car up without the backup camera.

The gauges are attractive and this LaCrosse had the optional head-up display, which projects speed and other information onto the base of the windshield, so you never have to look away from the road. It can be turned off, if you wish.

The front door interior pulls, which are under the armrests, were somewhat awkward to use, as were the angled interior door handles. Operating the heater, air conditioner and climate control system with all the buttons on the center console and the touch-screen can also take some practice.

This LaCrosse did not feel all that lively to me, though considering its large size and fuel economy, it does just fine. I found this Buick stable regardless of whether was behind the wheel or a passenger.

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