Range Rover Evoque

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By Paula MacPherson

We didn’t have the 2012 Range Rover Evoque for the October snowstorm, but we did have it for the January 12 snowfall that upset travelers in the northern sections of the state. It performed perfectly.

It felt solid and secure on the road and its stability was evident as we drove by police protecting wreckers trying to pull other vehicles back onto the road.  Add in a comfortable, if firm, ride and good handling and you have the makings of a very competent automobile.

Long trips should be easy for a family, especially with our review car’s DVD system, a $2,500 option that features dual screens built into the back of the front seats’ head restraints. Complicating the issue of family travels is the smallish cargo area. It’s small even for the compact sport utility field. With the backseats up, Range Rover rates the cargo room at just 19.4 cubic feet. This grows to a more respectable 47.9 cubic feet with the back seats folded, which is still small for its class. But then where do you put the kids?

The side windows are not very tall, but the interior still feels large and airy, thanks to the tinted panoramic sunroof. It won’t open, but it does have a power operated sunshade for when you want to block the sun.

The Evoque is comfortable for a shorter driver, though the mirror and the windshield pillar present a formidable blind spot at intersections. The view behind is not very good either, regardless of the driver’s height. The backup camera works well.

Among other Range Rovers, the Evoque stands out for its easy maneuvering in heavy traffic and for its fuel economy. We managed 24 miles per gallon, which is twice as good as what we saw in our last Range Rover review vehicle. Premium gasoline is called for.


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