Fiat 500c On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson

I was smitten from the moment I saw the Fiat 500c. It was both cute and stylish. It's pretty, soft green paint was complemented perfectly by the tan convertible top. It may be small, but its style knows few bounds.

While it wasn't overly powerful, driving the Fiat was fun. It was fast enough for me and the fuel economy, which came in at 37 miles per gallon, is the best we’ve had this year in a non-hybrid.

The seats are comfortable up front, and the interior color scheme, which included a swath of the attractive body color across the instrument panel, was the perfect accent to the chocolate and ivory leather upholstery. Front seats fit both tall and short people. The rear seat is best reserved for shorter passengers.

Our nephew protested both the angle of the rear seat back and the position of its head restraints. He did, however, enjoy the top-down experience. There is some top down buffeting in the front seats and a little more in the back.

The design of the Fiat 500c hinders rear visibility. Top up, the back window is small and there are large blind spots between the back and side windows. Put the top all the way down and the fabric piles up and blocks rearview traffic from sight.

The Fiat 500C proved to be pleasant to drive, top up or  down. It’s both stylish and thrifty

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