Honda Pilot On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson

Despite being classified as a midsize crossover utility vehicle, the Honda Pilot is actually quite large. It sits high, too, which does wonders for the view ahead, but can complicate getting in and out.

It could also make closing the open rear liftgate a reach. Fortunately, power operation, which is standard in EX-L and Touring models, takes much of the effort out of this process, though reaching the button at the end of the open liftgate was still a bit of a stretch.

The driver's seat bottom cushion is long, so it may rub against the back of a shorter driver's knees. The power seat, however, has enough range and can be set high enough to minimize the interference the large outside mirrors might otherwise cause at intersections.

I was conscious of the Pilot’s width when driving in and out of the garage, but on the road, its size was never a factor. The Pilot drives easily.

I also liked the “Eco” light on the instrument panel. It served as a constant reminder for me to drive with a lighter foot. As a result, we averaged just over 20 miles per gallon.

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