Honda Civic On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson


I really liked the Honda Civic. It was fun to drive and, for this five-footer, it was exceptionally roomy without being overwhelming.

I would have preferred a manual transmission, which is not offered on the EX. A good reason, perhaps, to step back to the LX and pocket the $2,650 savings.

I loved the instrument panel. As in the last generation Civic, it features a high, thin horizontal display with a digital speedometer and electronic fuel gauge. I found both easy to read quickly, without having to take my eyes from the road. The screen with trip computer displays is also placed at the higher level and is easy to read.

Honda also flanks the digital speedometer with bars that glow green when you’re driving economically and turn blue when you’re not. The “ECON” button also helps improve economy when it is pushed. The radio, on the other hand, was not so simple. You’ll have to read the owner’s manual, I suspect, to master its operation.

We drove the Civic hard, yet still ended up reaching the 30-mile-per-gallon mark. So, in addition to being fun, this car is also economical.


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