Infiniti M56 On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula MacPherson

The Infiniti M56 was filled with gadgetry. I’m usually put off by all of the functions and complexity, but here it works, as much of it requires just a simple push or two of a button.

Some of it requires no effort on the part of the driver, such as the weather alerts that were a product of the navigation system and satellite radio connection. We had the car during Hurricane Irene, so the flood warnings were timely, useful and accurate.

The seats are big and comfortable, though shorter drivers may find the bottom cushion resting against the back of their right knee. I found the back seat very roomy and the trunk was large enough to hold groceries for a small army for a week.

The engine was powerful, but the instrument panel had an ECO light that served as a constant reminder of the need to moderate pressure on the throttle. Press too hard and it turned from green to amber, which meant the car was sucking up fuel quickly.

Also impressive was the blind spot alert, which detects cars in an adjacent lane lurking just out of the range of your peripheral vision. Lane departure warning and active cruise control, which maintains a set distance from the car ahead, were also on this M56.

They were simple to use and effective. Add highly comfortable, and this description – simple to use and effective – also applies to the entire car.

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