Volkswagen EOS On the Road Weekly Publication

By Paula McPherson

When I first got into the Eos, I felt that this couldn’t be a Volkswagen. It had the look and feel of a luxury car, and proved to be both comfortable and easy to drive, though I think it would be more fun with a manual transmission, which was offered in last year¿s Komfort model.

When raised, the solid hardtop really does give it the feeling of a closed coupe, but the Eos still falls short of being the ideal family car. While the front seats are comfortable and supportive, the rear seat is usable by adults or larger children only with the front seats moved well forward. Top up, rear seat headroom is also limited. And the trunk, which is surprisingly roomy for a convertible, will strike folks stepping out of a sedan as skimpy.

Cruising is very pleasant with the top down, featuring minimal wind buffeting, even at highway speeds. The Eos, however, like most convertibles, is more appealing with the top down at speeds under 50 miles per hour.

Overall, I¿m not really a convertible person. So, I have to say that while the VW Eos is very nice, it¿s not for me.

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