Ford Fiesta On the Road Weekly Publication

Paula Says


After having lots of big review cars over the last few weeks, it was really nice to get into the Ford Fiesta. Few people need the extra space of a larger car, so why spend the extra money on the car and fuel?

Driving the Fiesta was a lot of fun. The steering is good and the car responds quickly, yet is stable and cruises quietly on the highway.

The view ahead is good, but the steeply sloped windshield means that a portable navigation system mounted low is going to be a long reach for the driver. The view to the rear is also limited in the hatchback. We haven’t had the sedan for review yet.

The Fiesta looks and feels like a more costly car. The instruments are easy for the driver to see, but a parent riding in the passenger seat with a teenage driver will have trouble seeing the speedometer.

The center controls are tight and the radio may require two training sessions before you get its operation down pat.

Still, I liked the Fiesta.

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