Range Rover

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I am immediately suspicious of a vehicle that makes me work as hard as the Range Rover does getting in and out. The Range Rover is a tall truck and getting in takes one large step up.

This Range Rover drives like a car, only it’s a car with a seating position that made me feel as if I was sitting on top of the world. The view ahead is spectacular. To the rear, the backup camera does wonders.

It¿s easy to steer and the electrically heated steering wheel looks and feels luxurious. The 14-way heated and cooled power seats are also quite nice.

The gauges that sit in front of the driver are fakes, which is to say that they are computer-generated images on a video screen. They look like real gauges but can light up your actual speed range a little brighter than the other numbers on the speedometer dial. It makes a quick read easier, which is good, because the Range Rover is quiet and steady enough to make a driver unaware of just how fast they¿re going.

For people who can afford this Range Rover, the fuel economy, 16.7 miles per gallon in our driving on premium fuel, will probably not be a major concern.

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