MyFord Touch gets upgraded On the Road Weekly Publication

Ford is giving its MyFord Touch multimedia interface some much-needed improvements to help with speed, visibility and user friendliness.

The previous generation of the system received poor reviews, and Ford dropped like a rock in J.D. Power and Associates' initial quality survey largely because of MyFord Touch's steep learning curve.

But Ford says that's fixed now. Thumb drives containing the software update went out this week to new-vehicle owners, and dealerships are standing at the ready to upload the new version to any Ford or Lincoln models that have the previous system, which is just 18 months old.

The upgraded system will make its way into the Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350. We recently had a chance to see and use the new MyFord Touch on a new Platinum Super Duty.

It's a software upgrade for existing models, and the new system will be an option for those who have to have the latest and greatest tech features. The new MyFord Touch will be available on Lariat and higher trim packages, with pricing dependent on the package.

-Mark Williams,

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