Worried about your teen driver?

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By Deb Acord
CTW Features

Worried about your teen driver? Phone apps offer a new frontier for driver learning, feedback and supervision. Check them out

Driver Feedback from State Farm Insurance uses the iPhone's accelerometer to grade a driver's ability to accelerate, brake and turn. It gives the driver a score and safety tips, as well as maps. (iPhone; free)

Steer Clear Mobile, also from State Farm, features driving tips, videos and a drive-time log. (iPhone, Android; free)

DriveSafe.ly allows for hands-free driving by letting the driver listen to incoming messages in real-time and respond by voice. (iPhone, Android; free)

Safe Driver documents acceleration, braking, cornering and speed, and when a violation occurs, sends a text message or email. (iPhone; free)

SIPS Parent and SIPS Child. One Safety Information Protection System app is installed on the teen's phone as a tracker and the other on the parent's phone to monitor the teen's movement and set boundaries for travel in the car. (iPhone, Android; free)

Teen Driving Log from Family Circle helps new drivers keep track of their practice hours on the road. (iPhone; $.99)

Drivers Ed offers more than 350 questions often found on state tests for permits and driver's licenses; it also has downloadable driver's manuals from all 50 states. (iPhone, Android; free).

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