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Driving lessons

Auto racing is a popular sport, and many of us would love get behind the wheel of a race car. Racing schools offer lessons for all sorts of racing, be it stock car racing, Formula 1 racing, Indy Cars, and even Kart racing. For the novice driver or the veteran enthusiast, racing lessons make an ideal gift.

Gift certificate for a detailing

Some drivers care about what's under the hood, but almost all drivers care about how their cars look on the outside. Winter weather can wreak havoc on a paint job, so help the auto lover on your list take care of their baby this winter with a gift certificate to an auto detailing center.

Magazine subscription

The auto industry is constantly changing. What's popular today might be obsolete tomorrow. A subscription to a favorite auto magazine will inspire the car lover on your list while keeping them up on the latest trends.

Pioneer AppRadio

If you know someone who wants a premium sound system without shelling out the extra money for a higher trim level then take a look at the Pioneer AppRadio. The unit retails for $399.99 and harnesses the Internet and the multi-tasking abilities of an Apple iPhone 4 to provide streaming Internet radio and real-time traffic updates while you drive.

The unit’s core is a 6.1-inch 800-by-480 pixel touch-screen, which is a higher resolution than most factory-installed systems. Bluetooth capability is also built in; however, it’s only compatible with the iPhone4, so be sure to double check you’re not buying one for an Android user.

Pawgua Portable Dog Bowl

Don’t forget about pets that travel. Keep them comfortable and hydrated with the Pawgua portable, BPA-free plastic dog bowl. The bowl keeps water cool and has a top that twists off. $15 at specialty stores.

Pet Carrier

Kurgo makes a Skybox Booster seat for puppies and small dogs up to 30 pounds. It lifts them up to provide them with a window view ($60, specialty stores). The Kurgo Auto Zip-Line is a harness attached to a zip-line that allows a dog to walk back and forth, sit and stand ($38, specialty stores).

Mercedes-Benz Ornaments

If someone on your list has high taste in cars, no need to worry. Mercedes-Benz offers a set of blue glass ball ornaments at an affordable price. The set comes in a red velvet box and has four different motifs: the Patent Motor Car, 300 SL, SLK R170 and F800. $36,

Jeep Smartphone Cover

Just because your favorite Jeep driver’s vehicle is rugged and worn doesn’t mean their cellphone has to be. Jeep offers Smartphone cases and skins for both the iPhone and BlackBerry. $9.95,


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