Keep Up to Speed with the New York Auto Show

Running On Empty

This year's New York Auto Show is nearing the end, as its set to conclude Sunday.

Jim MacPherson reviewed some of the highlights from the press segment in this week's On The Road, and has a section of their website devoted to the latest news from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Here's a snippet from Jim's column:

Some of the world’s automakers are listening to those who argue that 400-horsepower cars are insufficiently powerful. Mercedes-Benz introduced its 2013 SL65AMG (V-12 engine with 621 horsepower) and Chrysler its SRT Viper (V-10 engine with 640 horsepower). Ford already took the wraps off its 2013 Shelby GT 500, with 650 horsepower and a claimed 200-plus mile per hour top speed; a response to Chevrolet’s previous unveiling of its 580-horsepower Camaro.

Fuel efficiency was also highlighted. Even those automakers touting horsepower pointed to gains in efficiency. The new Chevrolet Impala offers buyers four-cylinder power and an eAssist mild hybrid drivetrain. The new Nissan Altima promised to sip gasoline more sparingly. Even one of the purveyors of a 600-plus horsepower model, Mercedes-Benz, pointed to a 19 percent improvement in fuel efficiency in its new GL.


Pick up a copy of this week's issue for Jim's full column  and head over to to stay up to date with the last few days of the show.

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