Fiat 500c Follow Up

Running On Empty

Here's a quick add-on to Jim MacPherson's Fiat 500c review from yesterday's On The Road . (If you missed it, click here).


As Jim writes, the 500c is a fun car to drive, and brings back memories of the original models from almost fifty years ago.

But its also safe too, according to

The 2012 Fiat 500 has been named a Top Safety Pick in the mini-car category by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

To earn the award, a vehicle must receive the top rating of Good in front, side, rear and rollover crash tests and have an electronic stability system, which is now standard on 2012 models. In the 500’s crash tests, measurements taken from the crash-test dummy’s neck and chest show a low risk of injury. In the side-impact crash test, the vehicle’s side is struck by a barrier moving at 31 mph, representing the front end of a pickup truck or SUV. In side-impact testing, the 500’s driver could fracture his or her pelvis in a crash of this severity.

To pass IIHS’ roof-strength test, a vehicle’s roof must be able to withstand the force of four times the vehicle’s weight. The 500 can withstand an impressive 6.16 times its weight.

The award only applies to 500s built after July, according to IIHS. Models built before July have weaker seat structures that can cause more harm to front passengers. You can check when a vehicle was built on a label affixed to the driver-side doorjamb.

The only other mini-car to earn Top Safety Pick status is the 2011-12 Ford Fiesta.

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