A new way to test drive

Running On Empty

Here's an interesting test drive innovation available to consumers in  Naperville, Ill., as first shown on Cars.com.

The city has partnered with local dealerships to produce a closed car test driving track. Eleven area shops participate in the program, which started in 2006.

There are different road surfaces to simulate road conditions, including a railroad crossing, a hill with a 10-percent grade, cobblestone road, emergency braking area and a section of suburban driveway.

I've never test-driven a car before, but this seems like a good idea. There's a variety of driving conditions available, and perhaps more importantly, area neighborhoods are free of test drivers navigating their way around unfamiliar territory.

You also have to like being able to give the brakes a good slam or two without having to worry about other traffic.


What do you think? Would you rather test drive in traffic or have the freedom to maneuver without worrying about other drivers? Let us know in the comment section or at otr@courant.com.


Check out the full story at Cars.com  here.

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