Man versus Machine

Running On Empty

It seems even robots can't escape human miscues. Google's driver-less Toyota Prius was part of a minor fender bender not far from the company's Mountain View, California headquarters.


But don't be so quick to blame the robot. Google quickly announced the accident was a result of a human driving the car. (Check out the full story over at the Singularity Hub).


So Machine 1, Man 0. The idea of a driver-less car is interesting. It certainly reduces the human error factor, which, ironically seems to be usually caused by technology (texting, navigation system, any other slew of gadgets we entertain ourselves with instead of well, driving). 


Will there be robotic cars on the road in say, the next 50 years? Or will the machines go all Matrix on us and create a fantasy world to keep us happy?

Kidding on that last part, but it does seem driver-less cars are inching closer to reality. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section or contact us at

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