Toyota's Crazy Smart Window Concept

Running On Empty

By Nate Owen

What ever happened to a book and games of 'I Spy'?


That's all I had to keep me entertained as a child during long car rides. No complaints here. Even today, as an adult, give me an iPod or a book and I'm happy.


But if Toyota has its way, children in the back seat will have a much more interactive form of entertainment for those long car rides.

This link is a bit old, but still work checking out regardless. Basically, the auto company is developing an interactive  "Window to the World" for rear passengers.

Tap on the window, and it will identify objects the car is driving by, such as sheep or trees.

These objects can be magnified, and passengers can entertain themselves by drawing on the window. The drawing then disappears as if its part of the passing scenery.

Check out the full demo video and more, here at

I can hardly stand smudge marks on my Iphone, so the thought of dozens of greasy fingerprints on the back window of my car would drive me crazy. But that's just me. What do you think of the idea? Tell us in the comments section below.




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