How Things Have Changed.

Running On Empty

How things have changed

By Nate Owen

OTR Correspondent

As I get closer to buying my first ever new car, I can’t help but think how my views have shifted over the years.

Flash back six years ago to my senior year of high school. While I wasn’t any sort of gear head then, and most certainly aren’t now, the qualities I looked for in a car were pretty simple: fast and loud.

That was partially represented in the car I had the time, a 1986 Thunderbird. The paint may have been worn, and the car a bit past its prime, but the 5-liter 302 engine could certainly move right along.

And while the original tape deck and speakers were…well from 1986, those were replaced with a used head unit, new amp and pair of subs, fulfilling the loud part of the equation.

Point being, I wasn’t about to bring the T-Bird to the strip or go head to head with the latest Bose technology, but it suited a typical 18-year-olds need for some fun. (The rate which I burned through my snow tires in the winter can attest to that.)

I remember wanting to eventually buy a Mustang, Corvette, or something else that could bolt. Most of my friends were the same way, in awe of the latest speedsters from Fast and Furious or the Xbox game Need For Speed.

While I can’t speak for my friends or anyone else my age, I know my tastes have certainly changed.

Speed and noise are replaced by fuel efficiency and price. My 18-year-old self might have been shocked at the models I’ve been looking at, be it that Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or any other number of the compact cars out there. A lot of these are stylish, and better than many prior smaller models, but certainly not a car that will turn heads.

While I’m still at that point in life where I’m not ready to throw all that’s fun by the wayside, I guess my changes in my car options show how things have changed a bit over the years.

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