Activists ask American Express to sever ties with SeaWorld

Now that a partnership between SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines is ending, animal rights activists have their eyes on another corporation that does business with the theme park company: American Express.

A new petition on asks American Express to sever ties with SeaWorld. Earlier this year SeaWorld announced it had entered into a multi-year partnership with American Express, making it the official card of SeaWorld.

A similar petition on had targeted Southwest Airlines. The two companies recently said they were ending a 26-year partnership because of "shifting priorities."

Activists have been targeting SeaWorld because of controversy over its captive whales, which was fanned by the documentary "Blackfish."

"I think it's unfortunate that those who are in the animal extremist and activist community who don't like what we do are going to target other parties unfairly and unnecessarily," SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jim Atchison said in an interview Wednesday. "I don't get that."

An American Express spokeswoman said in an email "we are aware of the petition and are reviewing the comments."

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