2012 Super60 update: No. 2, Dvario Montgomery, WR, Winter Park

Dvario Montgomery was on top of the Central Florida food chain for more than a year as the area’s top prospect in the 2012 recruiting class.

The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Winter Park wide receiver had been ranked No.1 on the Sentinel’s Central Florida Super60 since August of last year.

It’s an honor that Montgomery appreciated but didn’t let define him. Being ranked No.1 in the area symbolized his growth during a stellar 2010 offseason in which he dominated the 7-on-7 circuit and went from a relative unknown to one of the country’s top receiver prospects.

“I mean it didn’t put any pressure on me really,” Montgomery said. “I’m always going to play and do what I do. Otherwise, being named the top dog in Central Florida makes me feel a little bit better about myself.”

Montgomery still might be one of the area’s most imposing players, but he’s no longer the head honcho. Apopka offensive lineman Ty Darlington has flipped spots with Montgomery.

Now ranked No.2, Montgomery will take a look at what he can do to reclaim the distinction he held for a year.

“It would probably give me a little extra motivation,” Montgomery said when asked how he’d react if he were to drop to second on the Super60. “Maybe it would really make me think about why I’m not No. 1. It will probably make me work that much harder so I can be No.1 again.”

Darlington, an Oklahoma commit, might have squeezed past Montgomery because of his tireless work ethic and unparalleled technique, but it’s not like Montgomery is lazy.

Far from it.

His quiet, content demeanor makes him appear indifferent at times, but Montgomery can get feisty when pushed.

During this summer he flexed his muscle against opponents (and opposing coaches) when they started jawing at him. He even got into a few tiffs with his teammates when things weren’t going right at passing camps.

Montgomery had a solid summer overall, especially with USF related activities as Winter won the USF Sling & Shoot. A few weeks later he dominated at the Super Bull, USF’s team camp.

But his offseason ended somewhat abruptly when he and several other seniors were not allowed to participate in Winter Park’s last passing camp of the summer after the Wildcats sleep-walked through an early exit in a New Smyrna tournament.

That was a wakeup call to Montgomery, who has picked up his intensity during preseason camp.

 “Teams are supposed to fight some times,” Montgomery said. “That does nothing but make a team some times. The ups and downs we had this summer, they probably will end up paying off the season. Or they’ve paid off all ready.”

Montgomery, who has more than 30 scholarship offers, will have rediscovered his focus this season but he’ll also be concentrating on finishing up his recruitment too. He intends on taking his five official visits fairly early.

“USF, Alabama, though I probably won’t take an official to USF,” Montgomery said of schools that he’d like to see more of before committing. “I just want to go out of town (for a visit), like ... California or something like that.”

He added: “I don’t know where I want to go but I kind of have a feeling about a school, like I kind of have a school in mind, but I don’t want it out yet.”

Montgomery will remain tight-lipped about what school has his attention because he wants to be patient and weigh all his options before making a choice.

But it is worth noting that he mentioned USF and Alabama as two of his favorite teams. Those are also the teams he favors using in the new NCAA 2012 video game series. Read into that as much as you want, but those programs seem to be on the tip of his tongue.


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