Magic Kingdom: Guests now have better view of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

A part of the construction wall around the site of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster has been removed at Magic Kingdom, giving guests a better view of one end of the last piece of Disney's Fantasyland expansion.

Everyone in the park can now see, without obstruction, the end of the project that faces Be Our Guest Restaurant. Visible loops and hills of the track, mere feet from the walkway, dozens of trees, an operating waterfall, extensive rockwork and construction workers on the job.

Guests and cast members alike were peering into the site from the Fantasyland bridge on Monday. Just as I was wondering if that was OK with Disney management, along came Phil Holmes, vice president of Magic Kingdom, complete with hard hat, to look it over.

The ride, said to be between Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coasters in intensity, is scheduled to open in spring of 2014. Disney has not shared a grand-opening date for Mine Train, which will be a dark ride that includes outdoor stretches of track.

The new coaster will feature characters from Disney's classic film "Snow White" and ride vehicles that sway from side to side while moving forward.

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