Who Abandoned Man With Autism?

About The Courant’s articles on the young man with autism who was “abandoned” by his family at Manchester Memorial Hospital and has been there since July [courant.com, Dec. 27, “Autistic Man Dropped Back At Hospital Emergency Room By Group Home”]:

I wish The Courant provided more information as to the tremendous effort and toll it takes to care of an adult with autism — the constant nights without sleep, the injuries, and the family members suffering anxiety or PTSD as a result. Cutting state Department of Developmental Services funds (which provide behavioral support) sounds so benign until you realize that these hospital drop-offs will be inevitable and much more expensive for the state. This is the dark side of autism for some families.

Was it the family that abandoned their son or the state that abandoned this family?

We have a 16-year-old with autism who is nonverbal, and we are lucky to have a village that helps us on our journey.

Darlene Borre, West Hartford

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