We Deserve Freedom From Fear

Concerning “Night of Terror” [Oct. 3, Page 1]: In January of 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a State of the Union Address in which he spoke of four fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy. Freedom from fear was one of the four.

We no longer can enjoy this freedom in the United States because we have to fear losing our lives to gun violence if we attend concerts, church, movies, nightclubs and ball games. The Republicans in Congress have blood on their hands. They are being negligent in their duties by not enacting common-sense gun legislation.

They are more concerned about the interests of the National Rifle Association and gun makers. No one in this country needs to have semi-automatic or automatic rifles. Those should be limited to military and police. Gun violence in this country has reached epic proportions. We need action now. Shame on this president and the Republicans in Congress.

Leila Killeen Capellini, Meriden

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