One Great Visit To Hartford

This is a thank-you note for having so many wonderful unofficial goodwill ambassadors who made my recent first visit ever to Hartford such a great pleasure. Coming from the opposite side of our country, I expected to find stereotypic East Coast “distance” in folks’ attitudes toward visitors, but nothing could have been further from the my experience.

The Hilton hotel staff was fabulous, the staff/volunteers in museums and the Mark Twain House & Museum were enthusiastic. The staff at the Connecticut Historical Society library was so helpful. (I had come to Connecticut to search for 17th century relatives.) Sales clerks and bartenders were reliably attentive. The staff at Trumbull Kitchen made celebrating my birthday on my own very special.

I’d love to list all the individuals who made my visit memorable, but there were so many, one big round of applause will have to do. If any of you remember a white-haired woman from New Mexico and you made her smile, this letter is for you.

Here’s to Hartford — whose praises are being sung everywhere this 73-year-old traveler goes. Best wishes to you all this season.

Carolyn Tinker, Albuquerque, N.M.

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