Major League Generosity

I trust Deputy House Speaker Robert Godfrey, D-Danbury, was just trying to be cute when he stated in a Courant article about sports betting in Connecticut [Aug. 28,, “Sports Betting Off The Table This Year In Connecticut”]: "I'm going to give the Steinbrenners more money?" Major League Baseball wants a cut of the action, if the state permits sports betting.

The Steinbrenner family's goodwill is legendary. In 2007, in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings, the Yankees donated $1 million to the school and agreed to play an exhibition game there. This is just one of countless examples of the family's altruistic endeavors.

And it is not only the Steinbrenners, but John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, Fred Wilpon, owner of the Mets, and numerous other owners of professional sports franchises, including the Hartford Yard Goats, whose generous acts are too numerous to mention.

To fully vet sports betting in Connecticut, as Godfrey advocates, is a worthy topic. To make it all about enriching the Steinbrenner family is a poor example of a lawmaker attempting to be cute. Upon further review, I believe Rep. Godfrey would much rather take that statement back.

Dan Lovallo, Torrington

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