Welcome To Hartford, Stanley Black & Decker

News that Stanley Black & Decker Inc. is opening an office on Hartford's Constitution Plaza is worth cheering.

The New Britain-based manufacturer said it will employ 50 people at its new advanced training and research center, beginning next spring or summer.

This won't be a gritty operation that turns out hundreds of hammers. The company calls it an "Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence" that will apply data and digital technology to industrial systems, including security and heating and cooling. It will train experts there who will apply what they learned to their own designs.

The company's presence on Constitution Plaza is a win for the city, but its tech-based aspirations represent the application of a new approach to traditional manufacturing, and it's good that Stanley Black & Decker continues to pivot to the future.

CEO Jim Loree said Stanley Black & Decker decided to set up shop on Constitution Plaza in part to help Hartford.

"We have expressed our commitment from a social responsibility perspective to being part of the solution," he said.

That's good corporate citizenship. Well done, Stanley Black & Decker.

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