READER SUBMITTED: Simsbury Veterans Memorial Fund Reaches Milestone

Farmington Valley

The Simsbury Veterans Memorial has reached one third of its funding goal of $175,000. The fund drive to date has been largely donations from Veterans organizations and from brick paver donations by individual Veteran and their families. The committee and supporters are now preparing to approach the community and businesses both by letter and direct contact.

During the fund drive many Veterans have told their stories and expressed appreciation for the Memorial. Several of these stories will appear in the Valley Press, CPTV, the Courant and other targeted media. One such story of appreciation recently came from Jack Mimnaugh, a WWII Marine Pilot from Simsbury, who attached a message to his paver donation stating he would continue to donate as his budget allowed. Further, he expressed his appreciation for the project and stated that he feared he would not survive to see the project completed, therefore he requested a visit to see the architect's renditions of the project.

Paver applications and donation forms can be found at local businesses and restaurants or by contacting Ray Jennings at 860-658-1034, Len Lanza at 860-658-2128, or John Fox at email In order to meet the timeline of groundbreaking by Memorial Day 2015 the paver applications will need to be received by Nov. 11.

A CPTV interview explaining the importance of the memorial including veterans' stories can be found on YouTube:

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