Cleanup Continues A Week After Sewer Main Floods West Hartford's Linbrook Road

The cleanup on West Hartford’s Linbrook Road will continue on Wednesday, a week after a sewer blockage left the road and some surrounding homes flooded with up to five feet of wastewater.

Metropolitan District spokesperson Kerry E. Martin said Tuesday assessments will continue Wednesday. Dumpsters were delivered Tuesday morning to cart away damaged property, she said.

About 20 homes were affected, Martin has said. Two homeowners are displaced. One is expected to return Wednesday and the other next week, Martin said.

Homeowners were provided a flyer containing an update and construction timeline.

“Installation, testing and inspection of the new liner is expected to occur between 10/17 and 10/19,” Martin said in a Tuesday release. “As always, schedules are subject to change based on unforeseen construction related activities.”

Work will be done between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. The MDC will test a new pipe liner off-site on Friday and Saturday, according to the MDC construction’s timeline. Bypass pumps, now installed on Linbrook Road with ramps for cars to enter and exit homeowners’ driveways — are expected to be removed on Oct. 19.

Anyone with questions about the situation may contact John Whitcomb, MDC’s construction manager, at 860-948-8320 or Homeowners directly affected are asked to contact Ludlow Construction’s insurance provider, John Machado, a Travelers claims representative, at 781-817-8329.

Homeowners in the area are expected to receive “car wash vouchers” as well.

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By last Friday, a 300-foot section of failed sewer-pipe lining that had led to the blockage was removed, Martin said. Contractors began replacing residents’ hot water heaters, boilers and gas furnaces and restoring electrical services.

Check valves and backwater valves are being installed in the homes to prevent sewer water from flowing into the basements through fixtures installed there.

The commission also announced that it would be inspecting the rest of the sewer pipe lining to ensure that it was fit for use and would use a different material to replace the 300-foot section where the lining failed.

“MDC will not accept the same product that was used to line this pipe” and “has directed the contractor to find a proven alternative,” the MDC said in a statement. “The new proposed lining product performance will be rigorously reviewed and tested by the MDC before installation is approved.”

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