Firefighters Respond To Smoke At Rizzuto's In West Hartford

Firefighters responding to smoke at a West Hartford restaurant Friday shut down part of Blue Back Square.

WEST HARTFORD — A smoke condition at Rizzuto's restaurant shut down part of Blue Back Square Friday.

"We're fine," said Rizzuto's owner Bill Rizzuto. He said there was no fire, but smoke from equipment in the restaurant set off the fire suppression system. Rizzuto said the restaurant would be open for dinner Friday, but could not give an exact time.

Smoke began billowing from the roof of the four story building at 111 Memorial Road at about 10:30 a.m. Firefighters and police quickly responded to the scene and used a ladder truck to access the roof.

While the smoke was coming from the top of the building, police said the issue originated in Rizzuto's on the ground floor and traveled up through duct work.

No apartments on the upper stories were involved and no injuries were reported, said police spokesman Lt. Ted Stoneburner.

The portion of Blue Back Square around Rizzuto's was blocked off to traffic while fire crews worked to assess the situation. A cloud of smoke drifted over the area around Town Hall during the event.

Representatives from the fire department were not immediately available for comment.

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