$7 All-Day Parking Rate Cap At Three West Hartford Center Lots Ends Wednesday

The $7 all-day parking option at Brace Road, Farmington Avenue and Town Hall surface parking lots will end Wednesday, according to town officials.

Those lots will go to a $1.50-an-hour rate, according to town officials, in an effort to persuade West Hartford Center employees to park in a central parking garage located off South Main Street across from Memorial Road. The hope is that the surface lots will be available for shoppers and diners.

Last month, town council members voted to eliminate the $7 all-day parking fee option at those three lots. Town officials said it would take about a month to put up signage and change kiosk settings at those lots.

Kristen Gorski, the town’s economic development specialist, said that employers in the Center will have the option to buy a $30 stamper to mark parking fee cards for their employees. West Hartford Center employees will still receive a white parking fee card at the entrance to lots. Those cards would get stamped by their employer.

Gorski said through public outreach, town staff learned that employees often used the surface lots because they are closer to their work.

An employee that leaves the garage, with a stamped card, in less than 8 and a half hours will be charged $4.50. An employee with a stamped card whose car is in a garage for more than 8 and a half hours will be charged $7.

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