Stamford, Hartford, New Haven Receive High Grades from the Human Rights Campaign

Stamford, Hartford and New Haven all received top grades from the Human Rights Campaign scorecard assessing municipal laws and policies regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens.

Stamford received a perfect score, while Hartford netted a 96 and New Haven a 94. The scores were based on various factors, from whether a city has a non-discrimination ordinance to whether the police department has a LGBT task force or liaison.

Other Connecticut cities, including Bridgeport, Waterbury, Storrs and Fairfield, did not do as well.

Stamford Mayor David Martin said he is thrilled with his city’s perfect score. In 2015, Martin appointed Assistant Police Chief Tom Wuennemann and Deputy Corporation Counsel Vikki Cooper as the city’s LGBT liaisons.

“While this is great news, it doesn’t mean that our work stops now,’’ Martin said. “We live in an incredibly diverse city where all residents deserve fair and equal treatment, no matter how they identify.’’

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