Mix of Veteran and New Council Candidates In Windsor

Voters will have a few new faces and many familiar ones to choose from as they decide on their nine town council members for the next two years.

The Democratic slate will include:

— Mayor Donald Trinks, a council member for 22 years and mayor for 16 years. Trinks, who owns Bart’s Drive-In, said his focus in the next two years would be on maintaining fiscal responsibility and promoting citizen engagement.

— Deputy Mayor Jody Terranova, a pediatrician who has been a council member for six years. She said her focus would be on fiscal priorities.

— Jill Jenkins, a four-year member of the council and an interior designer. She said her focus would be on maintaining public safety and town services in a fiscally responsible way.

— Richard O’Reilly, a challenger for a seat on the council, a tax technology manager and a six-year member of the Windsor Board of Education. O’Reilly said he would focus on the implications of state budget issues and fostering a business-friendly environment in town.

— Joe McAuliffe, a challenger for a seat on the council and a volunteer with Windsor Jaycees and Boy Scouts. He said creativity in dealing with budgetary issues will be needed.

Darleen Klase, chairwoman of the Windsor Democratic town committee, said the slate believes in Windsor.

Republican candidates include:

— Donald Jepsen, an information technology consultant, the minority party leader and 16-year council member.

— James Govoni, a retired town employee and two term member of the town council. He said elected officials have the responsibility to listen and make decisions based on the will of the community.

— Kenny Wilkos, an oncology specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a two-term member of the council and said he will continue to work to control rising costs through responsible spending now.

— Alex Correia, a challenger for a seat on the council who works in the aerospace and defense industry. Correia is vice chairman of the Republican town committee and volunteered as a campaign coordinator for state Rep. Scott Storm’s 2016 campaign.

— Machael Tustin, a challenger for a seat on the council who is a K-9 officer with the Windsor Police Department. Tustin said elected officials need to communicate with the public and address their concerns in an effective, expedited manner. He also said the town should expand its business base and its open space.

Ronald Eleveld, chairman of the Republican town committee, said the slate of candidates bring educational and work experiences that will allow them to lead the town wisely.

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