Hartford Symphony receives million-dollar grant, boosting $10 million fundraising campaign

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra will receive a $1 million grant after meeting a fundraising challenge as part of its long-term $10 million campaign.

A group of donors who wish to remain anonymous offered the seven-figure bounty over the summer if the symphony raised $750,000 in new pledges by the end of the year.

The symphony hit that goal with more than a month to spare, and has now raised more than $7.4 million in the Music Builds Community Campaign, which has a goal of reaching $10 million by 2022.

“We are thrilled to have met this challenge well in advance of the Dec. 31 end date,” said Rebecca Corbin Loree, a symphony director and chair of the Music Builds Community drive. “And we are sincerely grateful to all the generous donors who helped us achieve this goal.”

The organization hopes to put $2 million toward education and community engagement programs; $2 million to create innovative programs that will introduce orchestral music to new audiences; and $6 million into the symphony’s endowment.

Three years ago a bitter contract stand off with musicians threatened to shut the symphony down. Musicians agreed to nearly a half million dollars in wage cuts to keep the symphony operating.

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