Avon Officials Settle On Realignment Plan For Old Farms Road

Town officials and Avon Old Farms School have agreed on a design to realign a portion of Old Farms Road that passes by the private school, which has pledged to pick up some of the cost, if needed.

Improving Old Farms Road has been a goal for the town for many years. The road is narrow, in poor condition and has two intersections that town leaders would like to see realigned so they are safer. The project that is in the works focuses on the section of road in front of the school and includes the intersections with Scoville and Thompson roads.

Town staff members have discussed the road project with Avon Old Farms officials for much of this year. The town needs the school as a partner because realigning Old Farms Road would require moving it onto land the school owns.

The town council has endorsed a design for the project that the school proposed. That would shift the road farther to the west than originally envisioned and create a new four-way intersection with Scoville Road. Old Farms Headmaster Kenneth LaRocque could not be reached for comment, but in a letter to the town he said the school will pay the difference in costs if the design the school wants is more expensive than what the town planned.

“This is a relocation that makes a lot of sense,” Town Manager Brandon Robertson told the council.

How much it would cost to reconstruct the road has not been determined since detailed designs have not been done yet.

Town officials hope the state will pay for much of the project’s cost. Robertson told the council the plan is seek a grant from the state’s Local Transportation Capital Improvement program when there is an opportunity to do that.

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