New Fire Station Proposed For Avon Fire Department

Fire department officials have asked that the town build a new fire station in the northwest corner of town to replace one that is more than 70 years old and too small.

That proposal was outlined to the town council when it met on Dec. 7. A new fire station would replace the one in the Secret Lake neighborhood, which was built in 1943 when that part of town had its own small fire department.

Important elements of the project like location and cost are not known and town officials said it is unclear when the town could take any definite action on building a new fire station. But they agreed that the need is there.

“It’s an antiquated facility that is in a poor location,” Town Manager Brandon Robertson said.

The Secret Lake fire station cannot accommodate modern fire trucks and the network of narrow roads in that neighborhood can make getting vehicles in and out time consuming, fire officials said. Expanding the building is not an option because the parcel it sits on is too small, fire officials say.

Expanding the other three fire stations was also considered but rejected. Officials said doing that would be difficult and end up hindering response times to the northwest part of town, according to the report presented to the council.

A committee that reviewed the fire stations is recommending that a new one be built on Lovely Street north of Roaring Brook School. Putting a new station there would ensure a prompt response by firefighters to incidents in that part of town, committee members said in their report. But fire Chief Michael Trick said even if a new station was built, the department would likely keep the one in Secret Lake for small vehicles.

The town does not own any land along Lovely Street and the council told staff to start identifying parcels that could be purchased for a fire station.

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