White-Out Walk Promotes Safe Driving

The Glastonbury Community Action Partnership held its third-annual White-Out Walk on Dec. 12, to promote safe and sober driving.

Wearing white T-shirts with anti-distracted driving or anti-intoxicated driving messages, the group walked to raise driver awareness.

While the walk was shortened, due to inclement weather, the hope is that the message reached at least one driver.

GCAP President Kathy Harris said the message is an important one.

"We've seen a marked increase in distracted driving, as well as intoxicated driving," Harris said. "We're trying to get the kids to be familiar with all of the things that are distracting to drivers, some of the driving rules for teenagers, and things to be aware of when they are a passenger in the car."

The GCAP was joined by members of the Youth Services Action Group, Youth Advisory Council, and Peer Educators, all comprised of Glastonbury teens, as well as members of the Glastonbury Police Department, including Chief Marshall Porter. Town Councilwoman Jill Barry also joined the walk, as did a group from Rushford.

Myrnel Gegu, Clinitian II, MSW, from Rushford, said the teens from her group heard of the event, and wanted to participate.

"It was so they can help bring awareness, and it's a positive activity," Gegu said. "If it's anything that's positive, that's going to show them something different, and that communities care, we want to take them to it. It just fell together."

Harris said that it has rained each of the three years that the White-Out Walk has taken place. She actually would have preferred a light snow.

"It would be nice to have a little snow for the White-Out Walk, because that's what it's supposed to [in part] be about - snowy conditions and how that makes driving more treacherous," she said.

The GCAP is working on a big event for "Kick Butts" day in March, and is preparing for its next teen-run CoffeeHouse event, on Jan. 6.

For more information, visit Glastonbury Community Action Partnership on Facebook.

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