Police Dashcam Footage Shows Crash, Teens Fleeing Scene In Wethersfield

A dashboard camera caught a dramatic Sunday evening crash in Wethersfield that illustrates a yearlong, statewide trend — juveniles stealing cars, crashing, injuring civilians and fleeing the scene.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. in the area of 1065 Silas Deane Highway. The Wethersfield Police Department wrote of the incident and posted the graphic video on their Facebook page Monday.

Wethersfield Police Chief James Cetran said a family of three suffered serious but nonlife-threatening injuries when the stolen vehicle, occupied by three juveniles, crashed into their SUV.

The crash occurred directly in front of a police officer, who was heading out of the CVS Pharmacy’s parking lot, police said.

The video shows two juveniles running east toward a nearby shopping plaza after the crash but an additional juvenile, who does not appear in the video, headed in the opposite direction, Cetran said.

“The juveniles were not caught,” Cetran said. “[Officers] brought in a police dog and did not find them, but the detectives worked some leads [Monday morning] and I am sure we’ll be able to catch them.”

Dozens of similar incidents have occurred in various parts of the state all year. In this incident, the vehicle had been stolen from Windsor, Cetran said.

“We’ve made arrests in these incidents before,” Cetran said. “But it doesn’t seem to stop the tide that’s been coming in.”

Cetran said the department has caught juveniles who were wearing ankle bracelets in the past but “with juvenile courts being decimated, there’s very little punishment given to these kids,” he said.

“[The juveniles] have no fear. They drive like maniacs, even on sidewalks and injuring people to escape, when in reality if they were to get caught nothing really happens,” Cetran said.

Anyone with information on the Sunday evening incident is asked to call police at 860-721-2900.

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