Outside State's Attorney's Office, Group Continues Call For Charges In Fatal Police Shooting

A week after protesters at the state Capitol called for murder charges to be filed against a Bridgeport police officer accused of fatally shooting 15-year-old Jayson Negron, family and activists brought their message to the office of the state’s attorney investigating the killing.

“We are standing today as a reminder to [State’s Attorney Maureen Platt] that we are going to continue to fight and we are hoping she’s making the right decision,” Jazmarie Melendez, Jayson’s sister, said to about a dozen people gathered on the steps of Superior Court in Waterbury.

The group held signs that said, “Justice For Jayson” and expressed disappointment that no charges have yet been filed in the case that has been under investigation since the May 9 shooting on Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport. Waterbury State’s Attorney Maureen Platt, who was assigned the investigation by Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane, said recently that her work continues on the probe.

Protesters and members of Jayson’s family hand-delivered a stack of statements and a petition calling for justice for Jayson.

“This is going to continue until Maureen gives us answers,” Melendez said.

The same group held a protest outside the Connecticut Supreme Court building in Hartford Nov. 27. The protest ended when seven people — all of whom locked arms on busy Capitol Avenue — were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

State police said Jayson was believed to have been driving a stolen car that Bridgeport officers attempted to stop on Fairfield Avenue. State police said once the car stopped, officers approached and tried to take Jayson into custody.

As that happened, city police said, Jayson put the car in reverse and sped back, hitting one of the officers.

An officer, later identified by officials as James Boulay, reportedly shot his gun and bullets struck both Negron and a passenger, Julian Fyffe, 21, state police said. Jayson was pronounced dead at the scene. Fyffe was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, officials said.

A week after Jayson’s death, a video appeared on social media purporting to show the moments after Jayson was shot.

The minutelong video shows an individual handcuffed on the ground next to the open driver’s side door of a car. Out of view of the camera, the position of their head changes from facing the right to the left.

Throughout the duration of the video, sirens and people yelling can be heard in the background. During the brief clip, one officer bends down to touch the individual’s back and then stands near him. It ends with an officer bending down to touch the teen again.

In a statement released after last week’s protest, Platt said that she was meeting with state police investigators and may ask for additional work to be done on the case. She said she could not provide an exact timeline for when the investigation would be completed, but said she would meet with Jayson’s family before releasing her findings.

Boulay remains on paid administrative leave as Platt’s investigation continues, city officials said.

Chanting outside the courthouse, protesters said: “We’ll be back.”

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