Tour Bus Catches Fire on I-91

A Peter Pan bus caught fire on I-91 just north of exit 25 in Wethersfield Saturday night, slowing traffic to a crawl on the highway’s northbound side.

State police were alerted to the burning bus around 10 p.m. Saturday night. All passengers were escorted off the bus uninjured, a state police spokesman said, and CT Transit buses responded to escort them off the highway.

The cause of the conflagration is unknown, but by 10:30 p.m. the bus was fully ablaze. Police had closed all lanes of the highway. By 11 p.m., however, the left lane had been reopened, allowing cars to trickle through.

In 2010, a Peter Pan bus went up in flames at nearly the exact same spot on the same highway. The bus was heading south on I-91 when it caught fire near exit 24 in Rocky Hill. No passengers were hurt. Police believed one of the bus’s rear tires blew out, sparking the blaze.

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