Comment On Facebook Post About Hartford Parade Sparks Investigation

Don Stacom

Police are looking into a Facebook comment posted Thursday afternoon that appeared to threaten Hartford’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The comment was a response to a Fox 61 Facebook post asking users if they planned to go to the parade.

The comment alarmed several people; at least one messaged Hartford Police via their Facebook page, and others alerted Deputy Chief Brian Foley through his own Facebook page.

“Our analysts are actively working this case,” Foley advised worried members of the Hartford Dwellers Facebook group early Thursday evening.

“While there are several indications that this is a counterfeit/fake account, our analysts and HPD Intel Detectives will thoroughly vet this threat (as well as others made around Fb from this account),” he elaborated on Facebook Thursday evening.

A detective assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force was brought into the investigation, wrote Foley, who added “We will have some definitive answers by [Friday].”

The comment, which read “I got my truck loaded with c4,” was removed from the post Thursday afternoon. C-4 is an explosive.

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