Investigation Continues Into Double Fatal Griswold Fire

Investigators probing the deaths of two people found in the burned wreckage of a Griswold home said Thursday they have a person of interest in the case. But no one has been arrested.

State police did not identify the person as “detectives follow all leads” and continue the investigation. No charges had been filed as of Thursday afternoon. The investigation continued Friday with little new information provided.

The fire was first reported at 5:15 a.m. Wednesday at 70 Kenwood Estates. Video captured by neighbor Bob Bromley and posted on social media shows flames engulfing the home.

About 40 miles away a car registered to the homeowners was found burning in Glastonbury.

Firefighters worked through the morning to put out the fire. By midmorning Wednesday, state police confirmed one body was found inside the home. A second body was found later on Wednesday. The bodies were taken to the state medical examiner’s office in Farmington to be identified and so that a cause and manner of death could be determined. That work was still underway late Thursday.

Town records show that the home, which was essentially leveled by the fire, is owned by Kenneth and Janet Lindquist.

Jessica Bower, a neighbor who said the sound of the fire woke her up, paused Thursday in front of the Lindquist’s home as she took her daughter for a walk. She said she was saddened to learn two people died in the blaze.

“My window was open,” she said. “I woke up to crackling and popping noises. And I opened my eyes and my room was glowing orange.” She said she looked outside, saw the fire and called 911.

“It’s really sad. I can’t believe it. It was just terrible to see that,” she said. Bower said she went to high school with one of the Lindquists’ sons.

Bromley said he and his wife were awakened by a loud noise. At first, he said, they thought it was a knock at their front door. They looked outside and saw nothing out of the ordinary, he said. And then she noticed a fire at the Lindquist house, he said, and called 911.

By the time Bromley was outside and heading for the neighbors’ house the fire had grown exponentially, he said.

“It was burning end to end,” he said. “The garage was on fire and the other end of the house was on fire. That’s not how fires go so I was surprised to see that.”

Bromley said he thought he might be able to lend a hand, but the fire was raging. “Your first thought is, can you do something, can you help,” he said. “There was nothing to be done.”

George Volkov said he knew his next-door neighbors enough to wave hello, but was not close to them. “They were very nice people, quiet,” he said.

Another neighbor reported hearing a loud argument coming from the house some time on Tuesday.

After the fire was reported in Griswold, Glastonbury police were notified about a car that was burning on Nanel Drive about 6 a.m. Wednesday. They determined the car was registered to the Lindquists and notified state police. State police have released few details about the fire, but said the two incidents are related.

On Thursday, the Lindquist house was still cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape and two state troopers stood guard outside. Thursday afternoon a state police fire investigator returned to the scene.

State police believe the incident is isolated and there is no threat to residents of Griswold or Glastonbury, they said.

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