Verizon Refunds Customers For Overcharges

Verizon refunds customers up to $15 million and that works out to $2 - 6 each customer


What was the problem?


- certain Verizon flip phones would go to the web browser and that would incur charges.  


- This would happen to  customers who didn't have a data plan.


- Sometimes even just pressing the back button on a phone would incur charges. 


What would happen if they complained


- Customers said if you tried to cancel, you were charged $1.99 for Internet access, according to the complaints.


- And when customers talked to Verizon about the charge, the company often refused to reverse the charges or discouraged them from blocking the data service on their phones.

- The NY Times and The Cleveland Plain Dealer in addition to other media investigated


- Verizon decided to refund customers before the FCC forced them to do it. 


How do the customers get their refund?


- Current customers will get their refund this month or next in their bill


- If you are no longer a Verizon customer, you'll get a check in the mail. 


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