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Transgender Day Of Remembrance

The 10th annual Transgender Remembrance Vigil was held Sunday evening on the steps of the Hartford Public Library. Fifty or so members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community gathered in front of the building to publicly mourn those who have passed in the last year due to anti-trans-gender violence or suicide. Each year the Connecticut Trans-Advocacy Coalition organizes the Day of Remembrance Vigil. As part of the remembrance ceremony, 19 names of transgender individuals who have passed in the last year were read to a silent crowd. Many of those remembered had perished violently, during anti-trans-gender hate crimes. Others had taken their own lives. The Trans Advocacy Coalition said The Day of Remembrance is not only a time to grieve for those who have been lost but is also a chance to improve societal perceptions of gender non-conforming individuals. The Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford, 155 Wyllys St., held memorial services after the vigil.
Alex Syphers| Special to CtNow.com
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